in the past
Emil Scholz established the company in 1939 after receiving the master craftsman diploma as painter and decorator. In 1963, his son-in-law Otto Brunnbauer, also master craftsman as painter and decorator, joined the company. He took over the business in 1969 and continued with the company name “Emil Scholz”, because of the growing brand awareness.

Beeing the oldest of three sons, Norbert Brunnbauer began an apprenticeship as painter and decorator in 1973. After several years in the company as a journeyman, he received the master craftsman diploma in 1980. Since 1987, he is the company’s executive manager and runs the company together with his wife, Eva Brunnbauer. Son Marcel Brunnbauer, master craftsman as painter & decorator and state certified business manager is part of the company since 2010. Currently, the painter and decorator team incorporates two master craftsman and eleven journeymen.

Son Marco Brunnbauer, who studied civil engineering in Trier, graduated in 2008 and performed for an architecture office in Frankfurt am Main. This year, he joins the company as construction manager.